Community Based Organisations


Creating awareness and integrating actions at the grass root level for the socio- economic growth of the marginalized is the basis of the development strategy of Anbu Illam. Community based organisation were started to provide Community Based Care to child Labourers and their family. CBOs comprise of Youth, Women, Unorganised labourers and slum dwellers.
Marginalised Youth and communities are empowered to plan and execute their own development. They are organised to be change agents in the movement towards social transformation. They act as people’s movement against the vital issues like child labour, bonded labour, problems of basic amenities, dowry, early marriage, communal violence and casteism.


      The young men and women are the most important components of the society. Today these youngsters are illiterate, jobless and baseless. They are torn apart by the political power mongers, uncivilized filmmakers and venomous religious fanatics. Most of them live in the marginalised slums and stand out-casted. But they look forward to better society in which justice and equality would prevail. They look up to social leaders who would stand by them in their struggles and difficulties and lead them to form a movement which would fight against all forms of social evils.


      Citizen Forum for Human Rights was formed mainly to raise their voice against issues that are associated with child rights and human rights violation and to bring constructive changes in the society.   Citizen Forum for Human Rights consist of children parliament, youth group, young women group , women group and  other likeminded people from governmental and non-governmental  organizations in the society who are highly motivated and committed their life to work for the well being of the children and most vulnerable people in the society.




      In the past women were considered as weaker section in the society. It is not the case anymore. After much awareness and trainings they get organized themselves. They save a lot and don’t depend on others for their economic security. Now they have become an agent for social transformation. It is they who are in front to fight for their rights in the society. They take an active part in all the activities of people federation. The mentality of saving has gone into their mind and now many of them are owners of petty shops and small industries.



      Transformation of the society is not possible by single handed effort. We need a movement of people to support and carry forward the transformation. In a same way to establish a child friendly society we need people who can extend their support to protect the basic rights of children. Thus, with this motive in mind Caring Community Groups are formed to support the works of Anbu Illam. The members of caring community groups’ are identified from various groups like Auto Drivers, Scavengers, Transport Staff, Porters, Vendors, Shop Owners, Corporation Staff, Police, and Railway Police Force (RPF), etc, to promote and to protect child rights and to support in the process of rehabilitation of street and working children. Each caring community group consist of 10 to 15 members and they meet on a monthly basis to discuss the issues that are really concern about the children and their welfare.




The Indian Economy is characterized by the existence of a vast majority of informal or unorganized labour employment. More than fifty percent of of India’s workforce include the self employed and employed in unorganized sector. It is widely acknowledged that the informal sector in India suffers from a low productivity syndrome, compared to the formal sector. The prominent features of the sector are lower real wages and poor working and living conditions. Many of the labourers in unorganised sector face lot of difficulties in getting their due and security cover for their work. In many places they are neglected and ill treated.


Though the government had made some beginnings, not much has been done in providing social security cover to the rural poor and the unorganized labour force. Both the central and state governments have formulated certain specific schemes to support unorganized workers which fail in meeting with the real needs and requirements of the unorganized sector labour force. Thus Don Bosco Anbu Illam entered into the fray to organise the unorganised labourers and help them to tap the government resources and make their life better and secured.



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