Don Bosco Anbu Illam is situated in Salem, a city in Tamil Nadu, also known as
‘Steel City’ because of national-fame Steel Factory
‘Mango City’ - popular for the production of variety of tasty mangoes
and Known for,
Sago production, a thriving business
Handloom and power loom industries
As a junction connecting the major cities of Coimbatore, Madurai and Trichy with the states Karnataka and Kerala
For all its glories, Salem has also has a darker side
Cruel practice of female infanticide
The lowest sex ratio in India - 929 female for 1000 males
Flesh trade - popularly known as ‘the Small Bombay’
Child labourers: numbers rising every year
Rated second bottom to Sivakasi for child labour in Tamil Nadu
Highest number of movie theatres in Tamil Nadu attracting the young during school hours
Surrounded by drought prone districts
The Main Shelter
Situated in the heart of the city
Accessible to the street and working children
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