Open Shelter
The large number of homeless children, pavement dwellers, street and working children and child beggars, left on their own and in need of care and support, is an urban phenomena of great concern. Today many people move to the cities in search of employment and they end up living in unhygienic and inhuman conditions. Many of them are deprived of basic necessities. In this situation, children suffer the most. A vast majority of them, with or without parental support, end up at traffic intersections, railway stations, streets, etc., and become victims of physical, sexual and emotional abuse. Inhuman and violent life conditions turn many of these children into law offenders, criminal, drug abusers and exploiters themselves. Thus, in order to provide for the growing needs of these children, the central and state government of India had come up with the idea of setting up Open Shelters in Urban areas. These centres shall provide a space for children where they can play, use their time productively and engage themselves in creative activities.
In the Salem district the government had offered Don Bosco Anbu Illam to set up an Open Shelter. The shelter had been set up and is being funded by the government from 2004 onwards. The centre offers the facilities for the street and working children to fulfil their basic necessities and engage themselves in recreational activities. The centre also ensures the wellbeing and wholistic development of the boys.
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