Past Pupil's Unit

The Salesian Past Pupils’ Association is an international movement of young people and adults, men and women, established by Confederal Statutes, with Local Branches attached to many Salesian works throughout the world. While all those who have attended Salesian schools, youth centres, hostels, camps or other works, or have been associated with Salesian parishes, are past pupils, by virtue of their Salesian education, the Association of Past Pupils of Don Bosco attracts those who wish to maintain their association with the Salesian Family in a particular manner.


In Salem the Past Pupil’s Association has been making a progressive impact in the works of Don Bosco Anbu Illam. Through this association the boys who were educated and given life through Anbu Illam are regularly followed up and kept in touch. Twice in a year (May & December) a meeting is organised to gather them in Don Bosco Anbu Illam, Salem. An input session on life scoping and job acquiring skills are given. And then they share about their experience in their working place. They also involve in the activities of Anbu Illam.



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