Salesian Co-operators

The Salesian Co-operators are a public association of lay Catholics, men and women, who share in the spirit and mission of Don Bosco. They live their vocation to contribute to the salvation of the young within the context of their own life, work, family and local parish. Groups of Salesian Co-operators are often associated with a local Salesian school, parish or youth centre. The Salesian Co-operators were established by Don Bosco himself. In order to address the needs of the hundreds of young people who came to him, Don Bosco sought the cooperation of committed Catholics to assist him in conducting and funding his work.


In Salem, the Salesian Co-operators movement is active and agile with more than thirty members taking part in regular meetings and helping in the activities of Anbu Illam. Many of the staff of Anbu Illam and parents of Salesians have been incorporated into the movement. At present 12 of them have taken the promise as Salesian Co-operators.



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