Shelter Homes

Shelter is the immediate requirement for the run aways, street boys and vagrant children who are contacted in the Bus Stations and Railway Junction. In 1988, a shelter was established to provide merely shelter for the rag pickers. The rag pickers regularly visited Anbu Illam which changed their life and it was a place which gave confidence and security. As a development process, it provided formal and non-formal education for the children. The main shelter is known as Rehabilitation Shelter. More than five hundred children have benefitted from Anbu Illam after getting formal and non-formal education. They are also provided with vocational training and guided to start self-employment programmes. At present 57 boys are getting shelter and admitted in different schools and technical institutes for formal education.  In 1997, one more shelter was established at the foothills of Yercaud known as Preparatory Shelter. The children under ten years are provided formal education and referred to rehabilitation shelter to continue higher studies. At present 39 children are getting educated with all their basic amenities. In 2011 another centre at Nilavaarapatty was started to provide shelter and necessary medical care to HIV/AIDS infected children. At present 50 children are availing the services at the centre.


The children referred by the child right protection centre and the child line and HIV/AIDS infected children are taken care by these homes by providing food, accommodation, clothing, medical aids, recreational facilities, formal or non formal education, spiritual and moral activities etc. The children are accommodated in the shelter home till they complete their formal or non formal education. At present nearly 150 children are given accommodation and other necessary facilities in the shelter home to continue their education.



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