SLR Project
The SriLankan Tamils in India find life very difficult as they are socially, politically and economically torn apart due to varied reasons. Politically they are separated from their own land and live as migrants confined to their own camps and movement very much restricted. Socially they face lot of rejections and ill treatments due to their displacement. And economically they are below poverty line and live in unhygienic and unsafe conditions. Thus to create a new beginnings in their life and a hope for their future well being, in collaboration with CAUVERI, Anbu Illam is conducting tailoring course for the young girls in varied camps. Already 92 girls had undergone tailoring course in Tharamangalam & Kulithalai camps in the year 2011 – 2012. And now at present 96 girls are learning the art of tailoring in Athikaattanur & Naickanpatti camps.


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