Success Stories
Beneficiary 1
Mohan Raj, 18 year of age, parents died when he was a child. He and his sister used to live with their Aunty and sell vegetables. Mohan was brought to Don Bosco Anbu Illam when he was seven years old by one of the coordinators of Anbu Illam. Currently he is pursuing polytechnic Study. He is staying at a home for HIV infected children and helping the agency besides his studies.
Beneficiary 2
Loganathan is a 19years old from the town of Erode, 80 Km away from the centre. He has finished his motor mechanic in ITI. There was a marital problem between his parents. He didn’t know the exact reasons of it. One day the parents fought with each other and his mother was so upset that she wanted to get rid of the child. She wanted to kill him by poisoning. As she was preparing the poison, a neighbour saw and they scolded her.
Logu was just two to three days after his birth. His biological mother left him and ran away from the village. The neighbours adopted him. They gave all the facilities: food, clothes, shelter, and elementary education. But since the family was poor they had to struggle to educate the child. The adopted mother approached a catholic priest of the locality. The priest approached to a centre, “helping hand”. There Logu stayed for a month and ran back home since the boys beaten and scolded him.
The lady again talked with the priest.  The priest talked with one of the staff from the centre. Thus, the director agreed to admit him to Don Bosco Anbu Illam. There was twist in his life when his biological father came to know of his son has grown up. He wanted to get back his son. But the adopted lady approached the Panchayat. The Panchayat after much discussion, refused to give the child to the father since he is a drunkard too.
Today, during holidays Logu hardly goes home since he doesn’t want to burden the adopted family. But he wants to financially help them. He is personally indebted with the mother for her kindness, love, care and trouble she took to bring him up. In future he wants to work and earn money to help the family who adopted. He too wanted to help the boys who lack opportunity to study due to financial problems.
Beneficiary 3
Vijay, twelve years old, from Namakaal is studying in 5th standard.  Before coming to the centre his brother was there in Don Bosco Anbu Illam. His father works as painter and mother is a house wife. His father is a drunkard who often beats the mother. Vijay’s brother told the family problem to the staff of Anbu Illam. Here by, Vijay was brought to the centre.
Today, he is enjoying the stay in the centre. He likes the facilities like games, school, studying, books etc. he loves to play football. He feels that the centre is building his future through education. He also feels like a close member of the centre and enjoys staying at the centre.
Beneficiary 4
Santhosh, five year old, was found in the Old Bus stand around midnight standing alone. A volunteer brought him to Anbu Illam. Unable to get the details of his family since he was too small, his photo was published in the newspaper. The next day the mother came to Anbu Illam and told that she can’t take back the child as she is a cancer patient and counting her days. So he was given shelter at Adivaram Anbu Illam. After few months his mother died. But at present he continues to be the hero of Adivaram Anbu Illam.  He goes to the kindergarten.
Beneficiary 5
Sarath Kumar (Age 8) and Meganathan (Age 9) were rescued from a farm where they were working as bonded labours. Their father had received money from a landlord and leaving the sons he escaped and went back to his village. The brothers were made to work in the farm. The Salem Childline rescued them and they were brought to Anbu Illam. Now they are pursuing their studies at Adivaram Anbu Illam doing their 4th and 5th std respectively in the nearby Government school.
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