Whom we Serve
DBAI targets three major categories of children who are marginalized from their childhood. The first one consists of street children who are forced to leave their families due to poverty and become rag pickers, sweepers, hotel boys, pavement dwellers, orphan, child labourers and the like. The second category comprises of children who live with their families and yet work as child labourers in industries such as weaving, textiles, power looms, handlooms, silver chain making, rope making, bore well units, two-wheeler, and auto mobile workshops. The third category of children is Missing and Trafficked children.
Street Children
Rag pickers
Runaway Children
Pavement Children
Prisoners Children
Begging Children
Any child in need of care and protection.
Working Children
Children never enrolled in school
Drop outs
Children in Silver Chain making
Children in weaving industries
Children in Hotels
Slum children
Any child not in school
Missing and Trafficked Children
Runaway Children
Vagrant Children
Unaccompanied Children
Missing Children
Any child bought or sold for income


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