Youth Groups
The youth are the pulse of the nation and the backbone of a country. They have so much potential that they can achieve what they want. But in our operational area they were not able to come out and achieve anything. Our timely intervention enabled them to come out of themselves and to fight for their social rights. They have joined in the people’s federation and they are socially motivated to identify the problems of their area and find solution to solve the various issues. Currently 9 young men groups are formed and they have become a role model for other youth in their area.
The situation of our young women in our area is very pathetic. They are at a greater risk than the other groups in the society. Being girl their lives are always in danger. They always face the problem of sexual exploitation and harassment, especially in the places where they work. Their life always hangs by a needle. But after creating much awareness through the people’s federations today many women are feeling secure. They are able to fight for their rights. Thus the participation of the young women in federation is prominent. 7 young women group’s members are actively involved in the voluntary service in their slums.


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